Dermal Therapy

Dermal Diagnosis with Skin Scope Imaging

Consultation - Skin

$100, allow 60mins

Skin consultations are not redeemable on skincare products at your consult appointment nor redeemable on treatments.

Most clients book their consult and treatment at the same appointment however you may choose to book a consult alone if you prefer to separate out consultation and treatment.

Firstly you will fill out a consultation form and your eligibility will be discussed along with any questions you may have.

Your skin with be studied through the Skin Scope machine.

A Skin Scope is a machine which you put your face into which shows your skin conditions, hence it is dubbed by Emma Rose as the "Truth Booth". It uses dual mode lighting (intense daylight and intense LED) to show up any hidden skin conditions such as dehydration, skin cell build up, oil flow and congestion and sun damage. For the most accurate results, it is best to come to your appointment with absolutely nothing on your face (no makeup, no moisturiser, NO SPF). Otherwise your face will be lightly cleansed before your Skin Scope diagnosis however this is less accurate.

After your Skin Scope, your skin will be cleansed, buffed, further assessed, aftercare applied, treatments recommended and booked, necessary Mesoestetics skin care prescribed.

It is recommended you have a Skin Scope diagnosis every 3 months to assess changes.

Follow Up Skin Scope Analysis

$50, allow 15mins

Please come in with cleansed skin, no skin care products and no makeup on.

Dermal Ranges available at Thistle and Rose


We only recommend products that are highly active and we are not loyal to only one brand, instead we cherry pick each product that we find give real results from several advanced brands.




Skin O2

DNA Renewal

DP Dermaceuticals

O Cosmedics


Skin O2

Fox Cosmetics

some PONi Cosmetics

some ESMI 

Dermal Treatments available at Thistle and Rose



Skin Needling (Micro, Stamp, Point)

Factor 4

Dermal Peels & Treatments


Alkaline Wash

Enzyme Therapy




Cosmeceutical Skincare