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This is a peel/mask skin treatment especially designed for those with photo damage, hyper/hypo pigmentation and hormonal melasma. It can also help with most other skin conditions such as oil flow, congestion, acne scarring, eczema/psoriosis, thickened rosacea skin, fine lines and laxity.

Dermamelan is purpose formulated to target and treat pigmentation issues of a melanogenic origin... This is the ONLY treatment that can safely treat hormonal pigmentation (melasma/ chloasma aka the butterfly mask)- suitable for all Fitzpatrick types.

Most clients have a Dermamelan treatment followed by a course of Skin Needling later on to keep improving the skin's health.

Dermamelan is the next step up from its famous baby sister Cosmelan, offering double the strength in active ingredients.

Only available at leading plastic surgeries, dermatologists and skin health centres, Emma Rose has been hand picked to offer this treatment as Perth's leading dermal therapist.

PLEASE send through photos of your skin to check whether it will help you and your specific concerns.

Consultation - Dermamelan

$100, allow 60mins, redeemable on treatment (almost all clients have the consult and treatment at the same appointment)

includes Skin Scope diagnosis and at each review

Firstly you will fill out a consultation form and your eligibility will be discussed along with any questions you may have.

Your skin will be cleansed, buffed, assessed, aftercare applied, treatments recommended and booked, necessary Mesoestetics skin care prescribed.

Dermamelan Peel Mask by Mesoestetics

$1500, allow 60mins, products need to be purchased as well ($544.70 on the day)

includes Skin Scope diagnosis and at each review

Your skin will be cleansed, degreased and mask applied. You will then need to leave the mask on for an incubation period varying between 6 to 12 hours depending on the severity of your skin condition- Emma Rose will advise your incubation period. Most clients need the full 12 hour application and you are unable to sleep with the mask on overnight, therefore 7am appointments are extremely popular for this treatment.

EVERY client is vastly different with their healing period, however here is a rough timeframe/journey of what to expect;

-You generally won't feel much when the mask is applied. It is a thick layer of product and is clay coloured so looks like a bad foundation job! You probably won't want to be seen during Day 0.

-After application, on Day 0 you don't feel much, the mask starts to dry and might be a little itchy but there is generally no pain or uncomfortable sensations. However most clients report it to be the longest, most boring day!

-Once you have washed off the mask after the incubation period, your face will start to flush warm, hot and cool. It will feel and look sun burnt for a couple of days.

-Around Day 1 to Day 2, the face begins to peel. Usually it first breaks around the mouth/nose creases and chin (the areas you move the most with facial expression). Expect intense peeling for around 5-7days and then a second more minor peeling/shedding for the second week after. Therefore expect two weeks where you will need to keep out of the sun and heat (some clients prefer to have a week off work to lay low!).

Clients usually see the most dramatic result at 2 weeks post procedure, and then at the 3-5 month mark as well. The skin will be very lightly shedding, dry or flaking during the whole time you use the aftercare products. It is also more pink than normal during this period as new fresh skin is exposed.

Emma Rose will provide you with an aftercare advice card home care protocol for you to follow, including no sun exposure, heat or exfoliating treatments for a minimum of 5 months. You will need to be vigilant with your prescribed skincare regime for at least 5 months post treatment, some skincare included in initial package price and some skincare will need to be purchased.

Regular reviews will be scheduled to monitor your recovery process.

Homecare Product Prices: Hydra Milk Cleanser $53.70, Hydratonic $62.50, Hydra-Vital Factor K $129, Melan Recovery $112.50, DNA Sheer Defense Non Tinted SPF$109, Hydra Vital Face Mask $78, Dermamelan Maintenance Treatment Cream $398.

Your first Dermamelan Maintenance Treatment Cream (should last 2-4weeks depending on size of application area and how heavy handed you are- some clients it lasts for the full 3 months) comes with your Dermamelan Peel Treatment however you will need to repurchase if you finish it early and use for a minimum of 5 months post peel. This is the same with some of the other products- you may need to repurchase during the aftercare period.

Find out more information from the manufacturer here or read a real life review from model Becky Lamb's blog Part I here and Part II here. You can also search results on Instagram, #dermamelan #cosmelan #cosmelan2 are good tags to search.

Note- can not be treated with Dermamelan during pregnancy or breast feeding.

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