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Brow Tattoo Design

When you arrive at your Brow Tattoo appointment, you will begin to fill out your consultation paperwork... You will be asked what you do and don't want from your Brow Tattoo. It is really important we find out in your own words what you would like, and what you wouldn't like, so we are on the same page. This is how we get the best results especially for YOU. Please make sure you come in having thought about the requests you would like to ask for, so we can let you know if they are appropriate for your facial structure.


-ashy tone or warm tone

-blonde, red, brunette colouring

-dark or light

-darker than, lighter than or to match the natural Brow hair colour

-match the Brows when tinted


-'width' refers to how thick or thin the Brow is

-length refers to 

-extend or shorten length at the inner bulb or tail

-strengthen the tail

-define lines


-Microblading aka hair strokes/ feather touch

-Powder Brow aka shading

-Combination of both Microblading and Powder

Parts of the Brow

If you aren't sure what the technical names for the parts of the Brow are, here are some terms to get you started (yes, wear have created some of these words ourselves but it's easier if we have a common reference name when describing areas of the Brow!!);

-inner bulb

-lower ridge

-upper ridge



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