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REVIVE7 Lash and Brow Conditioner
5.0mL (roughly 6months supply for Brow or Lash use) $175

Your journey to long, curled, healthy Lashes and healthy, volumous Brows starts with a Lash and Brow growth serum.


Revive7 Lash and Brow Serum was introduced in 2012 to keep lashes healthy and strong, with minimal/ clean ingredients. After 7 months of intensive scientific research and development the founder, along with her team of scientists, developed a natural lash product that worked with only 7 active ingredients. Hence the name! It is cruelty-free and made with clean, natural ingredients that offer real science-backed results.

Please collect one at your appointment, or email us and we will get be able to ship it out to you :)

How to use REVIVE7 on lashes:
Step 1) Every morning and night, start with a clean, dry face. Open your REVIVE7 tube and wipe the excess product off your applicator brush into the inside rim of your tube so that you don't waste/ don't use too much.
Step 2) Apply REVIVE7 to the skin of the upper lash line only, at the base of the lashes where the roots meet the skin above the lashes. There is no need to apply REVIVE7 to the lower lashes as product is transferred when blinking.
Step 3) Allow to dry for 2-3minutes before continuing with your morning routine i.e. eye cream, mascara.
Use every day for 12 weeks, then have a break for two-three weeks then recommence usage again in order to restagger the lash growth cycle. It is important that you create a habit in using it every day- leave your tube on the bathroom vanity next to your toothbrush so it isn't forgotten.

Here is a video on how to apply lash growth serums
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How to use REVIVE7 on Brows:
Step 1) Every morning and night, start with a clean, dry face. Open your REVIVE7 tube and wipe the excess product off your applicator brush into the inside rim of your tube so that you don't waste/ don't use too much.
Step 2) Apply REVIVE7 directly to the Brow skin that requires more hair growth.
Step 3) Allow to dry for 2-3minutes before continuing with your morning routine i.e. eye cream, Brow product.

How does REVIVE7 work?

Revive7 Science formulas have been clinically shown to help improve the health and volume of hair, reduce breakage, and regenerate follicle damage. The formulas are designed to create the optimal environment for healthy, luxurious hair. Revive7 Science has selected ingredients that supply nutrients and protein to the hair, hair follicles, and skin. These nutrients promote healthier, stronger hair, reducing breakage, and increasing volume.

Revive7 includes a unique ingredient called myristoyl pentapeptide-17. It is a plant-based antioxidant peptide that is often recommended to stimulate hair growth at the follicle

It increases the blood supply to the skin which brings more nutrients to encourage growth. This then speeds up how fast your lashes grow, so they can grow longer in their regular lash growth cycle. This is why few clients report that the skin where REVIVE7 is applied can sometimes have a pink colouring when using the product.


What are the ingredients?

The Revive7 Science formulas took months to create by a team of highly skilled scientists in 2012. Each formula, and there was more than one, was clinically tested. Once the formula provides the sought after results, the product is submitted to Health Canada for approval before released to the market.

Here are the primary ingredients in all Revive7 Science products:

-Hyauronic Acid: A natural substance found fluids in the joints and eyes. This ingredient is commonly used in the treatment of eye irritations and surgeries, and to promote good eye health.

-Collagen: A type of protein found in the body. Collagen is popular for treating signs of aging such as wrinkles, loss of skin hydration, and joint pain.

-Cucubita Pepo Seed Extract: Created from a type of squash that is a very good source of antioxidant cartenoids and vitamin E. It’s a great source of essential fatty acids and zinc. It’s an excellent non-fragrant plant extract to see in cosmetics.

-Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17: A synthetic peptide known to increase skin's hydration and resilience. Supplying eyelashes, brows, and hair with the protein fragments in peptides with the raw material they need to grow. This promotes growth from within the hair follicle.

-L-arginine: An amino acid that helps the body build protein. L-arginine is also found in most protein-rich foods, including fish, red meat, poultry, soy, whole grains, beans, and dairy products. 

(Also contains purified water and sphingolipid.)

Unlike other lower-quality eyelash growth serums, Revive7 does NOT contain Prostaglandin (an ingredient that changes iris colour), toxins nor carcinogens. The Revive7 ingredient list only uses high-quality natural ingredients in the serum formula. Revive7 Science is committed to creating products that are scientifically proven, contain natural, clean ingredients with no negative side-effects, and are gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Our clients appreciate that Revive7 is made from natural plant-based ingredients, cruelty free and vegan. In addition, Revive7 Science has become a leader in the industry. 

1. Innovative Formula containing Biotin & myristoyl pentapeptide-17

2. Natural Plant-Based Ingredients, Cruelty-Free

3. Made in Canada 

4. 7 active ingredients ONLY

5. NO Prostaglandin or Paraben Used

6. Custom Blend of High-Quality Natural Ingredients

7. 97% of the users saw results within 21 days

8. Not Greasy or Oily

9. No odour smell of Alcohol or Chemicals

10. Not Tested on Animals 

When will I see results?
Most clients achieve maximum results at the 12 week mark however many clients report that they notice results much sooner i.e. between 4-8 weeks they watch some of their lashes sprout.

Can I use REVIVE7 with lash extensions?

Revive7 is compatible and safe for eyelash extensions. It doesn't contain alcohol and won't loosen the eyelash extension adhesive. In fact, for those who have eyelash extension it's vital to apply a lash serum to keep the natural eyelash roots healthy as the extensions can cause a lot of damage to the natural lash roots. We highly recommend using it post Lash Lifts and Brow Lifts/Laminations.

Can I use REVIVE7 whilst pregnant/ breast feeding?

Although the product is made with vegan and clean ingredients, we always recommend a consulting with your doctor and seeking approval if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is it possible to have a reaction to REVIVE7?
Some people may experience irritation (redness, itchiness, dryness) at the beginning of their REVIVE7 journey, they either push through it or cut down use to every 2-3days until the skin can handle it. A small percentage of people may have an allergic reaction, this is extremely uncommon but of course we need to recommend that if this happens to you, you will need to discontinue use and see your pharmacist/Dr.

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