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Dermaplaning is a form of physical exfoliation. It is an advanced facial treatment that scrapes away accumulated dead skin cells and vellus hairs aka "peach fuzz". We use specially designed, hand held instrument with a scalpel blade attached to the device. It is held at an angle and the edge is moved across the facial skin which scrapes away the dead skin cells and fine hairs.

The benefits of Dermaplaning include;

-a physical exfoliation therefore the skin will be softer and smoother in touch and appearance

-immediate improvement in skin tone

-a brighter complexion therefore a more youthful glow

-active ingredients in skincare products can be penetrated deeper

-makeup glides on easier, often less makeup is required

-helps to reduce blackheads

Please note that Dermaplaning is not part of our Conreo therapy practises and will not be offered to clients on a Dermaviduals Skincare regime.


$150, allow 75mins

Skin will be cleansed, Dermaplane treatment, moisturiser applied, mineral makeup application if requested.

Dermaplaning and Bespoke Facial Treatment

$175, allow 90mins

Skin will be cleansed, exfoliated with a scrub, Dermaplane treatment, enzyme treatment if suitable, massage, mask tailored to skin type applied, serums and moisturiser applied, mineral makeup application if requested.

Dermaplaning and LED

$175, allow 90mins

Skin will be cleansed, Dermaplane treatment, LED treatment, serums and moisturiser applied, mineral makeup application if requested.

Dermaplaning Bespoke Facial Treatment and LED

$225, allow 120mins

Skin will be cleansed, exfoliated with a scrub, Dermaplane treatment, enzyme treatment if suitable, LED applied for 30mins, massage, mask tailored to skin type applied, serums and moisturiser applied, mineral makeup application if requested.

Dermaplaning added to Skin Needling

Please request more info via email as we often do not recommend this for most skin types.


Dermaplaning FAQs

-Is a Dermplane treatment safe?

Dermaplaning is a safe procedure that can only be performed by a specially trained practitioner. We have received additional training and experience so you can enjoy optimal results.

-Who am I able to have a Dermplane treatment with?

Emma offers Dermaplane treatments Monday to Friday 7am - 430pm.

Brooke offers Dermaplane treatments Monday to Friday 8am - 430pm.

-How long do Dermplane treatments take?

The actual Dermplaning itself takes around 30minutes, however please see our time allowances in the treatment list above.

-Who is Dermaplaning suitable for?

Dermaplaning is suitable to almost all skins with just a few exceptions (see below). It is suitable for all Fitzpatricks.

-Who is Dermaplaning NOT suitable for?

-pregnant ladies (sorry, we just can't risk it!!)

-those using oral retinoids/ Vitamin A (i.e. Roaccutane/ Isotane/ Accutane) or other skin sensitising medications

-raised lesions on the skin (i.e. cystic acne, over moles etc)

-topical skin cancers in the area

-heavily wrinkled skins

-clients using Dermaviduals skincare

-How often should I have a Dermplane treatment?

Your skin has a cycle of around 4weeks, so each skin cycle we recommend a treatment, therefore monthly.

-Can I have Dermaplaning at the same time as other treatments?

Yes, absolutely, we will tailor the treatments to you. You can have it at the same time as facial waxing such as Brows/ upper lip (but not the rest of the face), Lash Lifts, other facial services (see service menu above) and advanced services such as immediately before Skin Needling.

-How soon will I see results?

Your results are immediate. That is one of the great things about Dermaplaning. No downtime and no waiting to look your best. This is the perfect treatment before a social event!

-If I start Dermaplaning, do I HAVE to continue?

No, you do not have to continue Dermplane treatments constantly. Your skin and hair will return to normal once a full skin/hair cycle has been completed. Be warned, this treatment is highly addictive and you may not want to stop having them.

-Will my hairs regrow back thicker, darker and more stubble like?

This is just not possible. Dermplaning simply cuts the hairs off at the surface, and can not change the hair growth from the root of the follicle. A facial hair growth cycle can be anywhere between 3-8 weeks. SO every month (ish) our hairs are falling out and a new one is growing in its place. A hair grows finer/ tapered at the tip and thicker from the root. As we cut the hair off at the follicle opening, we cut it blunt. Therefore the hair may SEEM thicker as the wider part of the hair has been cut. Once that hair falls out, a new, normal tipped hair grows as usual.

-Does Dermaplaning hurt?

No, Dermplaning is a comfortable, pain free treatment, phew!

-What does Dermpalnaing feel like?

It is pretty relaxing, you are laying still and your face is being played with, you may feel a light scraping sensation over the facial skin.

-Can I wear makeup straight after my appointment?

Yes, you can request that we apply mineral makeup for you, or you can wait until you are home to apply that day. We have just given the skin a great exfoliation so we 


-Can I get cut during a Dermplaning treatment?

-If I normally break out after facial waxing, am I suitable to have Dermplaning?

This is a great alternative for those who aren't a fan of the fine villus hair on the face but are unable to have facial waxing treatments.

-Can Dermplaning cause breakouts?

We are exfoliating the skin which can allow your congestion to freely flow through, there is a minimal risk of breakouts but it is possible. If you are prone to ingrown hairs, there is a chance this may happen when the hair is pushing back through the follicle opening- please ask us how to reduce ingrown treatments.

-Can Dermplaning increase skin sensitivity?

Yes, this is possible. With no hairs on the face, you may feel more.

As with all exfoliation, you will need to be more careful with sun exposure.

It is unlikely to increase sensitivity with red veins/ telangiectasia skins.

-Do the Dermplane blades/ scalpels get reused?

Absolutely not!!! Here at Thistle and Rose we highly value infection control. Each person gets a new blade straight from the sterile packet at each treatment which is disposed of immediately after your treatment.

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