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Facial Stubble Tattoo

Facial Stubble Tattoo

A machine is used to dot tattoo pigment into the beard area to replicate shaved hair follicles/ stubble. More info coming and treatments available from February 2018.

Initial Stubble Tattoo Treatment $500-$750 (depending on area) includes full consult, allow 180mins, $30 for Post Tattoo Colour Protection Cream

Refinement Tattoo Treatment $250, allow 180mins (must be 1-2weeks after Initial Stubble Tattoo)

Second Refinement Treatment $250, allow 180mins (must be 1-2weeks after Refinement Stubble Tattoo)

Annual Refresher Tattoo Treatment, $400- $550 (depending on area) allow 18months (within 18 months after last Stubble Tattoo treatment)

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