Paramedical Areola Tattoo

Emma Rose offers this service monthly free of charge to give back to the community.

If you would like to be considered as a candidate, please contact Emma Rose via email

Paramedical Areola Tattoo

A machine is used to tattoo a replica of a natural areola and nipple shape and colour post mastectomy.

Initial Tattoo Treatment (including consult) $350, allow 180mins, $35 for Medical Healing Cream

Refinement Tattoo Treatment $350, allow 120mins (must be 8-12weeks after Initial Areola Tattoo)

Subsequent Refinement Tattoo Treatment $150, allow 90mins (must be 8-12weeks after Refinement Tattoo)

Refresher Tattoo Treatment $350, allow 180mins, $30 for Medical Healing Cream (within 2months-24months after your Initial Areola Tattoo or Refinement Areola Tattoo)

Please note that the prices are for each appointment, whether there is only one areola to tattoo or both.