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How to Prep for a Cosmetic Brow Tattoo

On the day, before you arrive;

-avoid caffeine including tea and coffee

-avoid high sugars and stimulants

-wash your hair, it makes the next few days easier

-come in with no makeup on, unless you want to show us how you do your Brows, then you can come in with Brow makeup applied

-come in well refreshed (eaten, had enough water)

-go to the bathroom- yes, we said it(!), that nervous pee is more common than you realise!!!

For 24 hours before hand;

-avoid alcohol

-drink lots of water

-get lots of sleep as this helps with pain management

For 7 days before hand;

-avoid fake tan (especially on the face, but also on body parts so we can see your natural skin colouring and how you tan)

-stop taking fish oils (do not stop taking medications without the advice of a health professional)

-stop taking blood thinners including pre work outs (do not stop taking medications without the advice of a health professional)

-stop taking any gym pre work out

For 14 days before hand;

-no muscle relaxants (Botox or Dysport) or any dermal fillers for 2 weeks either side of your tattoo (in the area)

For 30 days before hand;

-stop topical retinol use (Vitamin A based skincare) especially on and around the Brow area

-avoid any facial treatments to the area

-avoid any sun exposure to the face, especially do not let the Brows and the skin around them get burnt

-leave your Brows to grow out so we can colour (if necessary) and reshape them using wax, if you like the way your regular Brow lady does your Brows, you can have them done a few days before hand

As soon as you have booked your appointment;

-it's stalking time- scroll through our Instagram feed, check out photos, screenshot photos you do like, screenshot photos you don't like

-start making a list of improvements you would like to make to your Brows

-make sure you have read through our entire website, there is a lot of information on here

Things you need to know about the healing period after your Cosmetic Brow Tattoo 

(coming soon)

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