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 Bottomless Bits & Bubbles 

Friday 19 July 2024 | 6pm - 9pm

at Thistle and Rose

Subiaco, Perth

Thistle and Rose   x  Paint & Sip With Sab

brings you...

A movement. A journey. A revolution.

A self-discovery, self-awareness and self-acceptance experience.

A feel-good, warm fuzzies inducer.

Orrrr just something really cool to do with your posse.


However you want to interpret it, learn to love the SkIN you're IN...

Our rudie nudie, empowering self-love Paint & Sip Workshop is about to blow your socks off

(or you can leave them on if you prefer!).


Say what now???!!!

Join us for an empowering evening of creativity, self-expression, and kinship at our

"Bottomless Bits & Bubbles" workshop event. Think, paint and sip, but with a twist.

As Skin Therapists, we hear FAR TOO OFTEN, the negative thoughts and words our clients express about themselves, whether it be their Skin; acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, vitiligo, stretch-marks, their Body; breast cancer/ mastectomy, alopecia, lumps and bumps...

We're here to celebrate everyone's inner beauty and connect it to being able to feel the same about their outer beauty too. We are beyond SkIN Deep.

As an artist with a passion for meaningful experiences, Sab takes us beyond the traditional paint and sip concept. She yearns to invite you into a space where creativity thrives and where each guest can explore and embrace their individuality.


Thistle and Rose  x  Paint & Sip With Sab  x  You...

Match made in the stars x

Ok, so how does this noodz thing work?

During this event, you'll have the opportunity to create a personalised masterpiece that holds personal significance. No more painting flower pots and beach landscapes.


Instead, you'll be painting your own nude portrait. Not ready to "send noodz"? No fanny frets required, you're still more than welcome to join- read our FAQ below.


Once you've purchased your ticket, we'll reach out to you with instructions on how to take your selfie and send it confidentially. Sab will pre-draw your portrait stencil and have it ready for the event. She will then take us through how to finesse that fine-arse (not sure if we should write that here, does it impact SEO haha).


Join us and connect with like-minded souls, share stories, and celebrate the beauty of self-expression.

Keep an eye out for an instruction email right after booking.

IMG_0489 2.JPG

Who's this for?

Got a body? That's the only requirement!

Oh, and you also need to be 18+ years of age due to the nature of the content and alcohol availability.

There's no such thing as fatties or fitties here, we're all fine-ies and if you're not feeling yourself yet, that's exactly why we have created this event... We are holding space for you to be your authentic self, with no judgement, to enable you to connect positivity or at the very least neutrality to your physical being. And empower yourself wherever you are on your self-love journey.

No age maximums. No shape or size limitations. Actually, no physical limitations altogether.

Just, YOU, you amazing, worthy thing you!

It's time to ditch the fear. Come alone. Come with your besties. Come open-minded. Just come! And leave feeling empowered with a confidence boost and a connection to other like-minded souls.

Please note that we are an inclusive space.

Female, male, transgender, non-binary, agender; all are welcome. No bullying or "ism's/ phobia's" will be tolerated.

Frick, I need this.
When and Where?

When: Friday 19 July 2024

6pm - 9pm

Where: Thistle and Rose

Unit 4 & 5, 165 - 167 Hay Street, Subiaco, Perth, WA 6008

Our complex is located on the corner of Hay Street and Coghlan Street.

We are located in the corner of the complex, directly opposite Officeworks, a few shops behind Liquorland.

Parking: we have three car bays directly in front of our clinic available for parking- first in, first serve. There is plenty of street parking available (on surrounding streets), especially on Friday nights between 6pm-9pm.

 Tickets: Limited Capacity 


Note- don't forget, we are working with paints after all, please wear appropriate clothing to avoid any wardrobe casualties (you are welcome to bring your own apron if you wish).

Sab Sage Silhouette_edited.jpg

Workshop Inclusions

- 1x pre stencilled canvas to paint at the workshop

(for keepsies to take home with you to admire, all materials required for the workshop are provided except for aprons, please dress accordingly or bring your own apron to prevent any wardrobe casualties)


- bottomless bubbles

(or zero bubbles if preferred- "no"secco is a vibe, RSA rules apply, we do not condone drink driving- please organise appropriate transport)


- shared grazing board

(can cater to most dietary requirements, we just can't guarantee no cross-contamination of allergens, you are welcome to bring your own food if preferred)


- 1x LED Facial Treatment with our Skin Therapist

(valued at $100, option to upgrade to our signature Bespoke Facial with LED +$175, pre-booked between 18/07/2024 - 27/07/2024)


- entry into our door prize

(drawn on the night at 845pm)


Sab is touring around Australia and is only stopping in Perth for the night.

Workshop event capacity is limited to 20 tickets, BE QUICK!

  First release                   $190 

             (first 5 tickets)


  Second release               $200 

             (next 10 tickets)


  Third release                  $220 

              (final 5 tickets)

Purchase your ticket directly through Sab’s third party event ticketing company by clicking the button below. 

By purchasing a ticket, you acknowledge you have read our Frequently Asked Questions below and agree to the Terms & Conditions laid out at the bottom of this webpage.

Note: We are working with paints, please wear appropriate clothing!

Sab Brown Sihouette.jpg
Do I need to send my selfie.PNG
Do I have to send.PNG

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a ticket and/or attending the workshop event, you agree to and declare the following;

-You are 18+ years of age.

-You are aware that the nature of the workshop/ event contains adult themes such as nudity and alcohol service/ consumption.

-You acknowledge that your attendance and participation are entirely at your own free will.

-Paint & Sip With Sab takes care to treat your sensitive photo and video footage with cautious practise. You acknowledge that neither Paint & Sip With Sab nor Thistle and Rose are liable for any repercussions as a result of the nature of the workshop/ event.

-It is your responsibility to check your emails to receive the instructions on how to send your photo, and get in touch with Sab if you did not receive the automatically sent email upon booking.

-If no photo is received on time, you will be provided with a generic portrait to paint. It is your responsibility to check your emails to receive the instructions on how to send your photo. It is your responsibility to get in touch with Sab if you did not receive the automatically sent email upon booking by email at or instagram @paintandsipwithsab. Once your photo is sent, Sab will send you confirmation that it was received within 48 hours. If you didn’t receive confirmation, get in touch via email at or instagram @paintandsipwithsab. If no photo is received on time, you will be provided with a generic portrait to paint.

-Cancellations of any kind are subject to a NO REFUND POLICY. As Sab resides over East and is travelling around, there are no alternative dates available for rescheduling. No portions of the workshop/event ticket inclusions can be refunded, transferred, redeemed for cash, substituted for anything else or exchanged as a gift voucher/ credit note.

-If a Force Majeure event of any kind requires that the workshop/event be delayed/ postponed/ cancelled, it will either take place in a different allowable format or be rescheduled. You will not be entitled to any compensation for any inclusions or entitlements that are unable to proceed due to a Force Majeure event.

-Responsible Service of Alcohol rules apply to alcohol consumption and we reserve the right to refuse alcohol service and consumption and may ask you to leave if required.

-You will provide dietary requirement details immediately after purchasing your ticket via email If any changes are required, you must contact Thistle and Rose via email at least 7 days prior to the event date (Friday 12 July 2024). Whilst we take care to cater to dietary requirements, we cannot guarantee no cross-contamination of allergens.

-You will provide beverage preference details immediately after purchasing your ticket via email Options;

   -alcoholic bubbles

   -non-alcoholic bubbles

   -mixture of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic bubbles

-You will provide facial appointment details immediately after purchasing your ticket via email Appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis and although Thistle and Rose will make effort to attempt to contact you post ticket purchase to organise your LED Facial Treatment 45mins, it is your repsonsibility to book in ASAP. Appointments must be booked in by 01 May 2024 for the period between Thursday 18 July 2024 and Saturday 27 July 2024 inclusive. Current appointment availability/ trading hours (may be subject to change with no notice required);

     Thursday 18 July 12pm - 8pm

     Friday 19 July 9am - 2pm

     Saturday 20 July 815am - 3pm

     Tuesday 23 July 12pm - 8pm

     Wednesday 24 July 12pm - 8pm

     Thursday 25 July 12pm - 8pm

     Friday 26 July 10am - 615pm

     Saturday 27 July 815am - 3pm

     (Sunday/Monday's closed for facials).

Option to upgrade to a Bespoke Facial with LED (our signature skin treatment) is available for $175 and full amount must be paid for at the time of scheduling this appointment. Once your Facial service is booked in, we cannot change the date/time, reschedule or postpone. If you can no longer attend, are no longer eligible for the treatment, are late or do not show to the appointment, it will automatically be deemed forfeit by you and no refund/ substitute/ exchange or voucher will be applicable.

(Note- LED is not suitable for pregnant/ nursing women, anyone with epilepsy/ photo-allergy/ severe light induced migraines, current cancer diagnosis, immuno-compromised or undergoing immune treatment.)

-Paint & Sip With Sab and Thistle and Rose are separate entities and are not affiliated.

-You give permission for your personal/contact details to be shared between Paint & Sip With Sab (whom is running ticketing and the artistic services) and Thistle and Rose (whom are hosting/ facilitating the event).

-In the course of the event/ activities/ experiences provided, Paint and Sip With Sab and Thistle and Rose will take images, video footage and audio recordings. You expressly and impliedly authorise and permit both Paint and Sip With Sab and Thistle and Rose to take images and recordings of you, for the promotion and advertising of the Paint and Sip With Sab and Thistle and Rose.

-We have a zero tolerance policy which means that we do not tolerate anti-social behaviours. We reserve the right to deny your entry/ access to the event workshop and ask you to leave if any anti-social behaviours are displayed.

-The purchaser/attendee agrees that the provision of any service, including but not limited to the public workshop/event painting experiences, purchased via our websites/ ticketing weblinks or directly, is at the purchaser’s sole risk.  To the full extent permissible by applicable law, Paint and Sip With Sab nor Thistle and Rose will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this site, or from any services provided from this website or establishment, or from the workshop/ event itself. No oral advice or written information given by Thistle and Rose nor Paint and Sip With Sab nor any affiliates, nor any of their officers, directors, employees, agents, providers, or the like, shall create a warranty or legal obligation; nor shall the purchaser rely on any such information or advice.

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