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-Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo FAQ's

Do I need to have my eyelashes tinted/ lifted before my Cosmetic Brow Tattoo appointment?

It is preferable that you leave the lashes alone as much as possible, for as long as possible before your Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo. This will mean that Emma Rose can see natural hair growth and how to best blend the tattoo with the existing hairs. Tinting (if necessary) will be done during your tattoo appointment. If you see us regularly, please feel free to have your lashes tinted anytime before your appointment.

How is my new Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo shape chosen?

When filling out your consultation card, you will write thorough notes as to what shape you do and do not have in mind. Emma Rose will always guide you as to what is best for you and together you will confirm your new shape which is tailored to suit your desires, face and bone structure measurements.

Will I get to see the shape and colour of my new Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo before tattooing commences?

YES!!! No designer cosmetic tattoo will commence until Emma Rose and (especially) you are both happy with the proposed shape and colour. Please note, Emma Rose is extremely fussy with shape and symmetry so this process may take a while! (If you are having a basic/classic shape that conforms to your eye shape, we don't pre draw.)

Will my Lash hairs be tweezed/shaved off during the treatment? (This is the number one question that husbands ask about the procedure!)

No, phew! Unlike a body tattoo, the idea is to work with the natural hair growth so that the result is as natural looking as possible. The hairs help the area to look more real. In some countries, shaving the hairs off does happen but not at Thistle and Rose. The excess stray hairs outside the eyeliner shape may be removed if they affect your eyes (very seldom). 

Is Cosmetic Tattoo permanent?

Cosmetic tattoo is a semi permanent makeup (SPMU) procedure designed to fade over time, however it is possible that there may always be some evidence remaining that the skin has previously been tattooed. This is somewhat unpredictable and depends on many varying factors including client skin type/ condition, client aftercare and tattooist skill.

Does it hurt?

A tattoo procedure is causing an open wound to the skin therefore sensation can be felt. Some clients describe it as pressure only, some clients feel the sharpness of the needles. Occasionally clients fall asleep during the procedure.

Is numbing cream used?

We use local topical anaesthetic cream both immediately before your procedure, and during your procedure. It is both for client comfort and also to constrict the blood flow which leads to a better result.

We are unable to supply clients with topical anaesthetic cream as it is deemed to be a medication. Clients will need to order their own pre procedure numbing cream and during procedure numbing solution and pay for it themselves as part of their own cost. We can provide the order form once an appointment has been scheduled and confirmed via deposit. It needs to be ordered ASAP to allow for manufacturing time and also post from our supplier. The parcel will arrive at our studio and be stored in the fridge until you're appointment. DO NOT APPLY ANY NUMBING BEFORE YOU ARRIVE AT OUR STUDIO.

How can I reduce the sensation of cosmetic tattoo?

-avoid stimulants such as sugars and caffeines on the day in the lead up to your appointment

-pain threshold is always at its highest first thing in the morning

-avoid where possible having your appointment in the lead up to and during menstruation

-educate yourself before the appointment so you are relaxed, a relaxed client always feels less

-don't run late or arrive flustered, an organised calm client is always able to handle more sensation

-practise deep breathing techniques

-allow enough time for your appointment in your calendar to prevent feeling rushed

-consult with your Doctor as to whether you are able to take pain killers beforehand (please note you are unable to take any blood thinning pain killers prior to your appointment e.g ibuprofens)

-order the topical numbing cream that we find to be the highest strength possible, some clients choose not to order form our supplier however results may not be as great with less effective products

Is it normal to be nervous?

Absolutely, some clients attend their appointment highly nervous but also very excited. Try and ask yourself what is causing your nerves (the commitment, the unknown of the procedure, the "what if" it doesn't turn out how I want, the pain/sensation). Once you have identified the cause of your nerves, you can then research and get prepared, this is one of the best techniques to calm your nerves!

How long does it last?

There is no exact answer. There are far too many varying factors to be able to pinpoint an exact timeframe (ie skin type, client aftercare, tattooist skill, activities including sweat/exercise/swimming, method of cosmetic tattoo used, pigment colour chosen, quality of the brand of pigment line used). Aim to have annual refreshers between 12-15months.

Is there a limit on how often I will be able to have Cosmetic Tattoo treatments?

There may become a time where the skin is too heavily saturated to accept any more pigment, or the skin has scar tissue present which rejects pigment. This is why it is extremely important to choose a FULLY qualified Cosmetic Tattooist who is familiar with removal and correction work. Once lifted or corrected, the skin may be worked upon again.

If I have Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo, will I still need to tint my lashes?

Yes. Cosmetic Tattoo colours the skin and does not alleviate the need to colour the hairs. Monthly maintenance appointments are recommended. Clients who continue to have regular Lash maintenance sessions are often happier with their Eyeliner for longer and feel less need to wear makeup. 

If I have Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo, can I still have my lashes lifted?

Yes. Cosmetic Tattoo colours the skin and does not alleviate the need to curl the hairs, if that's how you wish them to look. 8 weekly maintenance appointments are recommended. Clients who continue to have regular Lash maintenance sessions are often happier with their Eyeliner for longer and feel less need to wear makeup.

How soon after my appointments can I have my lashes lifted and tinted again?

Please wait until healed (a minimum of 4 weeks) after your Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo to have your Lash Lift & Tint. Most clients return to their Cosmetic Tattooist for regular Lash maintenance however if you have a local Lash specialist who is more accessible, please let them know you have had Cosmetic Tattoo  so they can avoid getting the solutions on the skin that has been tattooed. You can also have these services right up until 24 hours before your Eyeliner tattoo.

Can I have Cosmetic Tattoo treatments during pregnancy?

Unfortunately not, you will need to wait until your baby has arrived to have Cosmetic Tattoo treatments. There is no known reasons or reports of adverse reactions, it is more a preventative measure. As you can imagine and understandably, no one has been willing to risk being a test model during pregnancy! Insurance policies DO NOT cover Cosmetic Tattoo during pregnancy.

Can I have treatments during breast feeding?

Yes, you can. However if you are breastfeeding you need to be aware of the potential risks that cosmetic tattoo can cause. In particular,

You will need to present a Drs note to clear you to have treatments.

How do I choose a Cosmetic Tattooist?

It is very difficult to choose a Cosmetic Tattooist, or even what to look for. Here are some good questions to investigate;

-are they a fully qualified Cosmetic Tattooist able to provide machine wor/k such as brows, lips, eyeliner AND microblading feather touch as well as opposed to JUST microblading

-are they trained in removal in case their work needs to be corrected?

-have you seen unedited before and after photos of their work? (at least 100 procedures)

-have you seen unedited photos of their healed work? (anyone can produce a pretty look immediately after the initial procedure but it takes super skill to have good results when healed)

-do you like their style?

-do they specialise in Cosmetic Tattoo or just do it on the side?

-are they a current member of Cosmetic Tattoo organisations such as Association of Cosmetic Tattoo and Advanced Practitioner Advisory Network?

-do they continue to upgrade their training/ education and skills (ie attend seminars at least twice per year)?

-do they use a reputable pigment brand and are they trained in colour theory?

-are they council approved/ following local council guidelines?

-do they have insurance?

-do they wear PPE (glasses, gloves, disposable masks and disposable aprons)?

-do they run through a full consult and consent before commencing the tattoo procedure?

-and most importantly, what does their gut say?

Can I wear makeup after my Cosmetic Tattoo appointment?

Yes, you can wear makeup on all areas of the face except the Cosmetic Tattoo site itself. You will need to wait a minimum of 7 days before applying makeup on the tattoo site. It is best to get a new lipstick post lip tattoo and a new mascara post eyeliner tattoo to prevent infecting the area. Please ask for recommendations of brow, lip and eye makeup.

What is the Eyeliner Tattoo process on the day?

-come in (alone and relaxed!) and fill out paperwork thoroughly

-read through your copy of the aftercare advice information

-thorough consultation including answering any questions

-clean the Eyes and take before photos (and lots of them, sorry!)

-tint the Lashes (if necessary)

-numb the Eye area (topical anaesthetic cream needs to be supplied by yourself)

-measure facial features

-Emma Rose may or may not predraw the new shape with pencil or pigment, depending on the style, size and shape you are requesting

-start tattooing the Eyeliner (up to 5 passes)

-confirm you are happy with the finished tattoo

-clean face/ apply makeup if requested

-take after photos (lots, again!)

Do I get to have copies of my transformation photos?

Yes, if you send an email on the day :) Please send a message to requesting your transformation photos (on the day of your procedure) and Emma Rose will reply once they have been made up. We may SMS them back if the email doesn't allow the size of the photos.

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