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Lamprobe aka Clinical Skin Clear System

The Clinical Skin Clear System (known as the Lamproble in countries outside of Australia) works Non-Invasively using combined Radio and High Frequency technologies that are attracted to the fluids in the lesions and dries them out.

It works best for simple and quick treatments and removal of skin irregularities. We can treat the following lesions;

-skin tags


-cherry angiomas


-other minor skin irregularities.

Lamprobe Treatments

Priced via appointment time allocation.

$100, 0-15mins worth of treatment, first appointment included complimentary consultation, allow 45mins for your first appointment and 30mins thereon after.

$125, 10-30mins worth of treatment, first appointment included complimentary consultation, allow 60mins for your first appointment and 45mins thereon after.

Complimentary consultation with all initial Lamprobe visits.

LED post Lamprobe treatments

Adding on LED helps aid the skins healing.

$75, allow 30mins

Lamprobe- Consultation Only

$50, allow 30mins.

Most clients book their consultation and initial Lamprobe treatment at the same appointment, therefore the consultation is complimentary.

You will fill out your medical history and consent forms, a full consultation will be provided about the treatment and after care advice will be given to you. Your face/ area of concern is cleansed, skin is analysed, photos taken, treatment plan diagnosed, finished off with your aftercare moisturiser.

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