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Paramedical Scalp Tattoo

Paramedical Scalp Tattoo

A machine is used to dot tattoo pigment into the scalp to replicate hair follicles. We use a carbon based black ink which is diluted down to create several shades of grey. The grey gives a shadow in the scalp tissue, behind the hairs, to reduce the light scalp to darker hair colour contrast. This in turn makes the hair look more dense, even though we haven't implanted hair.

Male hair loss/ thinning can be caused by several factors with some of the most common being;

-male pattern baldness


-scar camouflage

For male treatments, we generally require three treatments to achieve optimal results, however some patients may require four treatments. Once we have achieved desired results, we will not need to revisit the area until it has faded significantly- for some that may be there to four years. The darker the shade used from the start, the longer lasting the pigment will be. Some patients may not need to return for 2-4 years after their initial course is completed however other patients may wish to freshen up and go darker sooner than that, or there may be newer areas of thinning/loss that have not been treated with may need to be added on sooner than the refresher. It really varies case to case.

Male Pattern Baldness can be measured using the Norwood scale, and this reflects pricing and time allowance.

Initial Stubble Tattoo Treatment $500-$750 (depending on area) includes full consult, allow 180mins, $30 for Post Tattoo Colour Protection Cream

Refinement Tattoo Treatment $250, allow 180mins (must be 1-2weeks after Initial Stubble Tattoo)

Second Refinement Treatment $250, allow 180mins (must be 1-2weeks after Refinement Stubble Tattoo)

Annual Refresher Tattoo Treatment, $400- $550 (depending on area) allow 18months (within 18 months after last Stubble Tattoo treatment)

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