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-FAQ's (Lash Lift & Tint)

How long does it last?
Depending on your natural hair texture, results differ for each person however most people get 6-8 weeks out of their treatment.
By default, we book lash lift appointments at 8 week intervals. If you have been to us before and we are aware that your lashes are ready before then, we may allow more frequent appointments.
Most clients find that their results are maximised when using the after care products regularly;
PONi White Knight Mascara $32
YUMI Aftercare Serum $69 (this is compulsory to use post lash lift treatments) 
REVIVE7 Brow & Lash Conditioner $175

How long does a Lash Lift appointment take?
Depending on your natural hair texture, timing differs for each person however we book out 90mins for a new client and 75mins for returning clients.

Why is YUMI lash lift brand more superior to other lash lift brands?
-it is a 'keratin' lash lift which means at the end, we apply a keratin serum which treats the lashes for the first 24hours, this is to prevent them drying out too much and maintain the integrity of the lash shaft's cuticle
-YUMI LASHES compay has advanced training for their technicians
-YUMI LASHES solutions achieve a powerful lift with less harsh chemicals

Can I have a lash lift when I have lash extensions on?
No, the natural lash needs to be free of lash extensions to have a lift. Please organise to have your lashes removed from your extension provider before your lift appointment with us :)

Can I have lash lifts during pregnancy and breast feeding?
Yes, you can. However your hormones will be fluctuating and there is always more chance of a reaction during periods of hormonal changes. Please check with your Doctor if this treatment is suitable for you; any cosmetic treatments are always at your own risk.
During pregnancy, we recommend that you have your Lash Lift with Brooke in our Brow chair (sitting) rather than with Emma Rose who uses the beauty bed (laying down flat).

How do I look after my lashes after they have been lifted/ is there ay maintenance?
-use castor oil (or any other edible oil) on a clean, disposable mascara wand/spoolie to comb through the lashes as a daily treatment (think hair treatment). We recommend YUMI Lash Aftercare serum $69
-avoid regular or waterproof mascaras, tubular mascaras our best. We recommend PONi White Knight Mascara $32 or Skin O2 Fake Look Lash Mascara $42
-use a growth stimulant serum REVIVE7 $175 daily for three months, then every second day/ three times per week after that. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING
-try and avoid sleeping on your side/front

What maintenance is there between lash lift appointments?
Most clients find that their results are maximised when using the after care products regularly;

How often do I need to leave between appointments?
Lash lifts can be spaced at minimum of 6 week but preferably 8 week intervals between appointments. Even if you have waited out the 8 week period, your lashes will still need to be returned to normal and in a healthy condition before your next lash lift.
Most clients have a Brow Colour & Sculpt and Lash Lift & Tint service every 8 weeks, and a Brow Colour & Sculpt and Lash Tint in between at around 4 weeks.

Can I have a lash lift during my Cosmetic Tattoo appointment?
Yes, this is the most commonly requested treatment. It finishes off the eye area and makes you feel less washed out when your Cosmetic Lip/Brow Tattoo is super fresh. However if you are having your Eyeliner tattooed, you will need to choose to have this service at least 24 hours before your appointment.

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