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This treatment is especially designed for those with active acne, congestion, milia and black heads.

One Acnelan system is a course of 3 treatments with a minimum of 21 day intervals. Depending on the severity of acne, 1, 2, 3 or even 4 courses may be required with maintenance after your course has finished.

Consultation - Acnelan

$100, allow 60mins, redeemable on treatment (almost all clients have the consult and treatment at the same appointment)

includes Skin Scope diagnosis at each treatment

Firstly you will fill out a consultation form and your eligibility will be discussed along with any questions you may have.

Your skin will be cleansed, buffed, assessed, aftercare applied, treatments recommended and booked, necessary Mesoestetics skin care prescribed.

Acnelan by Mesoestetics

$850 (for course of 3, not available individually), allow 60mins per treatment

includes Skin Scope diagnosis at each treatment

Your skin will be cleansed, degreased and treatment applied, followed by a settling mask.
Expect peeling for around one-two weeks where you will need to keep out of the sun and heat during the recovery period.

Emma Rose will provide you with an aftercare advice card home care protocol for you to follow, including no sun exposure, heat or exfoliating treatments for a minimum of 3 months. You will need to be vigilant with your prescribed skincare regime for at least 3 months post treatment. Home care products need to be purchased separately, this is non negotiable.

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